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Why Us?

Rocky Mountain Construction has a unique history of being established and developed as a family-owned and operated company. Starting with one small warehouse in Hayden, Idaho, we have evolved into an internationally recognized powerhouse of the theme park industry. However, despite our exponential growth, we have always remained true to our fundamental ideals.

Our team is regarded throughout the industry for being exceptionally committed to providing our clients with personalized customer service and support. The fact that we design and manufacture 90% of all parts in-house gives us the unique ability to offer products and services that fit the individual needs for each customer, while meeting deadlines and maintaining high quality standards. With such a versatile group of brilliant, creative minds behind our operations, we are constantly looking to bring the future of thrill rides to life right now by creating new, innovative ways to enhance and transform the theme park industry.

Globally Known

Even though RMC is based in the somewhat small town of Hayden, Idaho, we are globally recognized as one of the top roller coaster manufactures worldwide. We have record breaking rides located across the Globe, from the USA, Mexico, Europe and even in Japan. All ride components are manufactured in Hayden, Idaho USA and then are shipped to site.  We have a talented group of coaster installers that love to travel the World installing these amazing creations.

Giving Back

Every year at IAAPA, RMC participates in annual charity events benefiting Give the Kids the World Village. This foundation is close to our heart, making it possible for critically ill  children to enjoy and make memories with their families at a theme park made just for them. To continue to give year round, we pledge 10% of our net profits from our RMC online store to be donated to this remarkable cause.

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