Family Coasters

Wild Moose Coaster: NEW!

RMC is thrilled to continue our legacy of coaster innovations with the new Wild Moose Family Coaster. This exciting reintroduction of a classic uses our patented I-Box track system and includes entirely redeveloped trains with family-friendly thrills and rider comfort at the forefront of design. Inspired by the rich history of ever-evolving midways across the globe, we’ve re-imagined the traditional wild mouse coaster into something that can only come from Rocky Mountain Construction. This progression just makes sense- we started with redefining classic wooden coasters, and now we’ve got our eyes set on redefining the entire midway.

We began our coaster journey with the introduction of the I-Box track. For The Wild Moose Coaster, we’ve scaled this product down to accommodate track fabrication so twisted that it seems impossible. Taking these tight elements at a more controlled velocity gives us the opportunity to introduce the “RMC experience” to the entire family. The wonky visuals of the track, paired with RMC’s unique approach to ride dynamics, work together to ensure that The Wild Moose Coaster will leave guests giggling all the way home. We are so thrilled to introduce this unmistakably RMC ride experience, and this time, it’s fun for the whole family!

US Patent No. 8590455, 9566527 and other foreign patents.


  • Introduces an unmistakably “RMC” family ride experience
  • Identifies a cost-effective replacement for aging wild mouse coasters and can re-use the existing slab foundation
  • Simplifies the mechanical systems of a family roller coaster by eliminating the chain lift
  • Provides a true capacity of up to 800 riders per hour, significantly above actual wild mouse operations
  • Uses an entire redesigned family train, not just individual cars

Family I-box Coasters

RMC’s patented I-Box track system, used on both the Hybrid I-Box Coaster and Reprofiled I-Box Coaster, have been thrilling park goers across the world for over a decade. However, we recognize that these rides may be too thrilling for some guests. RMC’s Family I-Box Coaster provides the smooth ride of our I-Box track system while introducing a more family-friendly ride experience. This allows patrons to enjoy rides as a family with a thrill level more suitable for those who may be too short, or just not ready to ride a more intense RMC roller coaster. As a bonus, the Family I-Box coaster uses the same scaled-down track that we developed for the Wild Moose Coaster, meaning we can design and fabricate a layout for even the smallest available plots!

We’re pleased to offer three standard layouts (reducing engineering costs) with different elements and footprints to best fit the available real estate. We are also happy to develop a custom Family I-Box Coaster layout.

Family I-Box Coasters are all designed and manufactured by RMC at our facility in Hayden, ID.

US Patent No. 8590455, 9566527 and other foreign patents.


  • Can be designed for even the smallest nooks and crannies within a park
  • Uses simple mechanical and control systems
  • Includes an entirely redesigned train equipped with a Class 4 lap-bar restraint system
  • Provides an extremely smooth and family-friendly ride experience

Family Coaster Trains: NEW!

To truly represent our vision for the new Wild Moose Coaster, it was critical that the ride path included as many twists and turns as possible. This led us to entirely redevelop our family coaster trains with rider comfort and aesthetics at the forefront of design. These intuitive and cost-effective trains ensure quick operations, simplify the load/ unload process, and provide an industry-leading turn radius. And yes, all of our family coasters, including The Wild Moose Coaster, operate with an entire train and not just individual cars. These points are all additive and result in a train that accentuates what makes our family I-Box Coaster and Wild Moose Coaster just that: truly wild!

Family Coaster Trains are designed and manufactured by RMC at our facility in Hayden, ID.


  • Introduces a comfortable, intuitive, and open-air family coaster train
  • Significantly reduces train maintenance time and operational costs
  • Provides the tightest turn radius of any steel coaster train
  • Equipped with a Class 4 fully mechanical restraint system