Family I-Box Coasters

Family I-box Coasters

RMC’s patented I-Box track system, used on both the Hybrid I-Box Coaster and Reprofiled I-Box Coaster, have been thrilling park goers across the world for over a decade. However, we recognize that these rides may be too thrilling for some guests. RMC’s Family I-Box Coaster provides the smooth ride of our I-Box track system while introducing a more family-friendly ride experience. This allows patrons to enjoy rides as a family with a thrill level more suitable for those who may be too short, or just not ready to ride a more intense RMC roller coaster.

RMC offers three standard layouts (reducing engineering costs) with different elements and footprints to best fit the available real estate. We are also happy to develop a custom layout.

​Family I-Box Coasters are all designed and manufactured by RMC at our facility in Hayden, ID.

US Patent No. 8590455, 9566527 and other foreign patents.


  • Provides an extremely smooth and family-friendly ride experience
  • Uses simple mechanical and control systems
  • Includes trains equipped with a Class 3 lap-bar restraint system
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs when compared to a traditional family wood coaster