Family Hybrid Coasters

Family Hybrid Coasters

RMC began its journey into the amusement industry through traditional wooden roller coaster installation.  In an effort to improve the ride experience, RMC developed the patented Ibox track system.  These rides have been thrilling park goers across the world for over a decade.  However, these rides may be too thrilling for some guests.   Family coaster passengers will enjoy the smooth ride of the Ibox track system while experiencing family friendly elements.

 RMC offers (3) standard layouts with different elements and footprints to best fit the available real estate.  There is also the ability to develop a custom layout.

 The family hybrid coaster utilizes the same state of the art Ibox track technology as RMC’s award-winning hybrid coasters, but with a more modest ride layout.  This allows patrons to enjoy a smooth ride as a family with a thrill level more suitable for those who are may be too short, or just not ready to ride an extreme RMC hybrid roller coaster.

 Family coasters are all designed and manufactured by RMC at our facility in Hayden, ID.

US Patent No. 8590455, 9566527 and other foreign patents


⦁ The Ibox track reduces maintenance costs significantly as well as increasing the track life, resulting in long term savings
⦁ The track provides an extremely smooth ride, reducing liability for the park
⦁ By better distributing the dynamic loads of the trains, the track provides less fatigue on the structure than traditional wood track
⦁ Simple mechanical & control systems
⦁ Trains with Class 3 restraints

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