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frequently asked questions

What type of education is required or recommended to design roller coasters?

An engineering degree is required. Our coaster designer and engineer, Alan Schilke, is a structural engineer. We have several mechanical engineers that design our cars and mechanical systems.

How do I get a job designing roller coasters?
Is it a difficult field to get into?

Of course you will need an engineering background and education to design coasters. It is definitely a hard field to get into as it is very competitive with little job openings. The first step would be to get an engineering degree, attend trade shows such as IAAPA to meet people in the industry and then get a job with a coaster company or park. For RMC, we are more interested in a person’s skills and experience for any of our positions rather than a high GPA or a prestigious school.

How does one get a job with Rocky Mountain Construction?
What are the requirements?
Is RMC hiring?

Since RMC designs, engineers, manufactures and installs our own coasters and trains, we have many very different positions within the company.

Engineers: Currently our main engineer is Alan Schilke and we have several engineers that design/engineer our trains. We do not have any current openings for engineers.

Manufacturing: We have 2 manufacturing facilities located in Hayden, ID. Our track shop is comprised of welders, plasma table operators and general laborers. Our train manufacturing facility is comprised of machinists and parts/inventory control personnel. Interested employees can hand deliver a resume or come to our offices and fill out an application. As we continue to grow, we are always accepting applications/resumes for these positions.

Installation/Site Construction: Our installation crews are comprised of heavy equipment operators, climbers and welders. We generally hire local employees from Idaho and then send them out to various job sites. Extensive travel is required as our employees are on site about 8-10 months out of a year. And of course, in order to be a “climber” and erect the structure and install track, you cannot be afraid of heights. If interested in one of these positions, please fill out an application or provide us a resume.

Do you have an internship program?

Currently we do not have an internship program; however, we may offer such a program in the future. We will let you know if/when we do.

What are your upcoming projects?

We get A LOT of questions about our projects that will be open in the future. We typically have several projects under contract that details have not been released to the public yet. Unfortunately, we cannot release ANY details until the park does their official media release. We can tell you at this time (March 2014) we have 3 projects under contract that are in the engineering phase right now for opening in 2015 and 2016. But, we cannot release any more details until the parks give us the okay to do so. Sorry!

How did you come up with a brand new design on Goliath and who came up with that amazing design and structure?

Our amazing engineer, Alan Schilke, designed the Goliath.

Would you ever make a launched wooden coaster?
Would you ever or have you ever thought of designing a wooden coaster with a look like Son of Beast?

Owner Fred Grubb and engineer Alan Schilke are always collaborating and figuring out how to create the most innovative coasters. They have many new ideas that are in the research and design process now. Again, unfortunately, we cannot provide any additional details until one of the designs is sold to a park as they will want to do the initial press release.

Who chooses the color for your track, you or the park?

The park always chooses what color they want for the track. We recommend certain colors as some colors require less coats, vary in cost and are fade less etc. But ultimately the park chooses the colors.

How many employees does RMC have?

Currently we have about 80 full time employees. About 30 employees work in the field, 40 in our track and car manufacturing facilities and about 8 office/engineering staff.