Hybrid Coasters

Hybrid Coasters

Innovation is in the DNA of RMC.  RMC pioneered the “hybrid” coaster by developing patented Ibox track. Ibox track continues to be a game changer in the coaster industry.  

Hybrid Ibox coasters utilize traditional wood structure in combination with steel Ibox track.  Hybrid Ibox coasters maintain the park friendly aesthetics of a “woodie,” but supercharge it with extreme elements that have never been experienced on a wooden coaster. The Ibox track allows for thrilling elements such as inversions, steeper drops, high banking turns, etc. that traditional wood tracks do not allow with the smooth feel of a steel coaster.

Hybrid Ibox coasters are available as custom ground up rides.  Additionally, parks with existing wooden coasters have the opportunity to modernize their rides.  For existing coasters in need of a refresh, RMC offers “reprofiles.”   To the extent possible, RMC will utilize existing structure and footings as the core of a new coaster.  Upon completion, the new ride will be taller, faster, and more thrilling because of new elements.

Hybrid Ibox coasters utilize RMC’s state of the art steering axle trains equipped with a class 5 restraint system.  The combination of the Ibox track system and trains allow for our innovative layouts containing positive and negative g forces throughout as well as inversions.

Ibox track and trains are all designed and manufactured by RMC at our facility in Hayden, ID.

US Patent No. 8590455, 9566527 and other foreign patents


  • Incredible elements that are not possible with traditional wooden track.
  • Available as ground up (new construction) or “Reprofile” of existing wooden coaster
  • The Ibox track reduces maintenance costs significantly as well as increasing the track life, resulting in long term savings.
  • The track provides an extremely smooth ride, reducing liability for the park.
  • By better distributing the dynamic loads of the trains, the track provides less fatigue on the structure than traditional wood track.
  • Trains with Class 5 Restraint

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