Hybrid I-Box Coasters

Hybrid I-Box Coasters

Innovation is in our DNA. RMC pioneered the very idea of a “hybrid” coaster by developing our patented I-Box track. This I-Box track continues to be a game-changer in the coaster industry.

Hybrid I-Box Coasters utilize wood, steel, or angle iron support structures in combination with steel I-Box track. Hybrid I-Box Coasters can easily maintain the park-friendly aesthetics of a “woodie,” but supercharge it with extreme elements that have never been experienced on a wooden coaster. Building these coasters with our I-Box track allows for new thrilling elements such as inversions, steeper drops, higher banking turns, and more. The Hybrid I-Box Coaster can maneuver almost anything imaginable- something traditional wooden coasters can’t do. These rides also provide some of the smoothest coaster experiences available, even outclassing many modern steel roller coasters.

Hybrid I-Box Coaster track and trains are all designed and manufactured by RMC at our facility in Hayden, ID.


US Patent No. 8590455, 9566527 and other foreign patents.


  • Uses RMC’s original and most popular track type
  • Can be built ground-up with a wood, steel, or angle iron support structure
  • Signature lift truss can include a chain lift or magnetic launch
  • Includes RMC’s Swing-Axle trains equipped with a Class 5 lap-bar restraint system
  • More than 20 installations operating across the globe

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