Medusa Steel Coaster

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58 MPH



Six Flags Mexico


At the end of the summer of 1874 when a wealthy mining industry magnate expanded his operations to the south in search of fortune, history tells that the steel obtained from this area was a unique resource in the region and once melted it was used for the train tracks.

The tenants said that those lands were cursed by rattlesnakes and that if he continued to extract the valuable mineral, he would pay for it.

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Six Flags México is a theme park located in the Tlalpan forest and borough, on the southern edge of Mexico City, Mexico. It is owned and operated by Six Flags, and is the most visited theme park in Latin America with 2.5 million annual visitors. It was previously known as Reino Aventura and was a Mexican-owned and run theme park; the orca whale Keiko (featured in the movie Free Willy) was then its principal attraction.