Reprofiled I-Box Coasters

Reprofiled I-box coasters

The award-winning Hybrid I-Box Coaster doesn’t have to be a ground up installation. Parks with existing wooden coasters have the unique opportunity to modernize their rides. For these existing coasters in need of an overhaul, RMC offers “Reprofiles”. With a Reprofiled I-Box Coaster, RMC utilizes as much of the existing ride’s structure and foundations as possible. Re-using original ride material keeps costs low when compared to a ground-up installation. Once opened, the Reprofiled I-Box Coaster re-imagines the existing wood coaster with taller drops, faster speeds, and a completely custom ride experience. 

Reprofiled I-Box Coasters also utilize RMC’s state of the art Swing-Axle trains equipped with a Class 5 lap bar restraint system. This powerful combination of RMC’s I-Box track and trains allow for innovative layouts containing exciting ride elements and inversions.

Reprofiled I-Box Coaster track and trains are all designed and manufactured at our facility in Hayden, ID.


  • Transforms existing wood coasters into some of the most popular rides in their respective parks
  • Utilizes a majority of the existing ride’s structure and foundations, resulting in substantial savings
  • Better distributes the dynamic load of the trains and provides less fatigue on the ride structure when compared to traditional wood track
  • Includes RMC’s customizable Swing-Axle trains equipped with a Class 5 lap-bar restraint system
  • 13 installations operating across the globe and counting

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