Raptor Coasters

Raptor Coasters

RMC is proud to offer our revolutionary single rail track technology. Our innovative “Raptor” coasters provide a phenomenal ride experience based on RMC’s patented track design and proprietary trains. Riders experience thrilling elements as they fly along RMC’s incredibly smooth steel Raptor track. Riders have a personalized experience as they climb into single seat cars with open air on both sides as they speed around tight turns and inversions, reaching speeds upwards of 60 MPH.​

Compared to traditional dual-railed steel coasters, Raptor Coasters provide a great value by using less steel and reducing installation time. Even better: it all comes in a surprisingly compact footprint! Because of RMC’s attention to detail and vertically integrated business model, parks are ensured a smooth installation of a reliable, high quality roller coaster.

Raptor Coaster track, structure, and trains are all designed and manufactured in RMC’s Hayden, ID facility.

US Patent No. 8590455, 9566527 and other foreign patents


  • Unique truly single-rail track design is unlike any other coaster on the market
  • In-line seating introduces a more personal ride experience
  • Inherently strong track shape allows for fewer supports when compared to traditional steel coasters
  • Available layouts are among the most compact thrill coasters available
  • 12 car trains provide different ride experiences in each seat

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