Steel Coasters

Steel Coasters

RMC is proud to offer our revolutionary SINGLE rail track technology.  Our innovative “Raptor” coasters provide a phenomenal ride experience based on RMC’s patented track design and proprietary trains.  Rider’s experience thrilling elements as they fly along RMC’s incredibly smooth steel Raptor track.  Riders have a personalized experience as they climb into single seat cars with open air on both sides as they speed around tight turns and inversions, reaching speeds up to 60 MPH.

Compared to traditional dual rail steel coasters, Raptors provide a great value by using less steel and reducing installation time, all in a compact footprint.  Because of RMC’s attention to detail and vertical integration, parks are ensured a smooth installation of a reliable, high quality coaster.

Raptor track, structure, and trains are all designed and manufactured in RMC’s Hayden, ID facility.

US Patent No. 8590455, 9566527 and other foreign patents


• Raptor track only utilizes a single rail, there is no need to plane and gauge track during installation.

• Ties are only required in mechanical areas to support walkways.

• Column spans are greater than traditional steel coasters, so they will require fewer foundations and take up less space in the park.

• RMC offers a standard Raptor for parks looking for an exciting ride, in a compact footprint, all at a great value.

• RMC also offers a custom Raptor. RMC understands that parks often have unique objectives and requirements specific to their operations. RMC is pleased to work with parks to ensure critical objectives around footprint, height, elements, loading, and throughput, are achieved.

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