Reprofiled I-Box Coaster

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57 MPH




Walibi Holland


Get ready for UNTAMED, the newest roller coaster at Walibi Holland! Using the original Robin Hood’s wooden structure, this coaster provides an unparalleled ride experience anywhere else in Europe. Reaching a top speed of 57 mph (92 km/h), UNTAMED features 5 inversions and 14 airtime moments. UNTAMED is truly action packed from start to finish!

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Walibi Holland is not just an amusement park. You'll defenitely GET THE RUSH, but Walibi offers so much more than just roller coasters! The park is full of spectacular rides that make it the perfect day out for young and old. For the real thrillseekers we have 11 rides in which you'll have to deal with terrifying heights and heavy drops! Not a fan of loopings and inversions? Take the whole family for a ride in Drako, face the swirling river El Rio Grande or discover the exciting Merlin's Magic Castle. No matter how old you are, in Walibi Holland you create memories for life!