Wood Coaster Refurbishment

Wood Coaster

RMC has been successfully upgrading traditional wood track with steel track for decades, which improves the ride and dramatically reduces maintenance.
208 RetraK is our latest innovation in track replacement and is based on our proven Ibox and Topper track designs. 208 RetraK will last for years and eliminate the need for continuous inspection, repair, and replacement of traditional wooden track. Additionally, 208 RetraK is able to utilize a rides existing trains, mechanical system, and controls to deliver a smoother ride, reduced downtime, and improved wheel longevity at a reasonable price.


Custom 208 RetraK is precision manufactured utilizing RMC’s laser measurement system, CNC plasma cut, and patented semi-automated welding technology. 208 RetraK is manufactured with premium grade weathered steel to match the existing coaster profile and installs effortlessly to existing structure.

208 RetraK can be utilized as a small track upgrade in a troubled area of a coaster, or even as a full coaster renovation. Simple track upgrades of 150’ or more can be installed throughout a ride and added onto year after year. A complete circuit replacement at one time is also possible.

208 RetraK can be installed turnkey by RMC’s factory team or by the park with RMC providing technical support.

208 RetraK is designed and manufactured by RMC at our facility in Hayden, ID.

US Patent No. 8590455, 9566527 and other foreign patents


⦁ 208 RetraK allows parks to maintain the aesthetic of traditional wood track while minimizing maintenance costs.
⦁ 208 RetraK provides a smooth ride experience using existing trains and structure.
⦁ 208 RetraK will reduce maintenance, inspection, and downtime, while providing greater wheel longevity.

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